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As your organization begins the process of considering the various products and services you will be responsible for supporting with “SMART” technology, one of the key factors that must be considered is the networking capabilities needed to accommodate them.

At the forefront of the practice areas offered by IS Domain, our Network Architecture and Design services provide our clients with a well defined communications strategy through the structured requirements gathering process.

Taking into account the need for:

  • Real Time monitoring

  • Fault identification and repair

  • Instantaneous rerouting around failed areas

  • Analytics

  • Impervious security

  • Support for cloud computing

  • Support for increased billing requirements

IS Domain will walk your organization through a complete understanding of the business requirements that you should expect to support, and from that, determine what the appropriate mix of services and infrastructure, provided by service providers, you might require.

Included in this step is an overlay of a Scaled Security Fabric. As each of our clients' needs are unique to their business model and business strategy, the communications infrastructure must support those needs. This architecture must also be flexible enough to support business growth and change as needs evolve.

Our structured requirements gathering process utilizes a series of client meetings with key stakeholders that collect and document the specific requirements that are key to achieving the business goals, and typically reflect the following goals:

  • 100% Network Stability and Availability

  • 100% Predictable behavior under varying scenarios

  • 100% impervious to external cyber attack

Those requirements, coupled with available internal business planning documentation, become key inputs to a Conceptual Network Architecture. Once that conceptual architecture has been reviewed and approved by the client, the process moves to a Technical Design Stage

Network Architecture, Design and Implementation

  • Network design and migration planning.

  • Network upgrades and changes.

  • Implementation, configuration and installation solutions.

Interfaces to Telco Network

  • Interconnection of IP services to legacy systems.

  • Public / Private Cloud considerations.

Secure private Cloud Services which leverage the public cloud

  • Benefits of cloud solutions include security, scalability, deployment and more.

  • Ancillary services that facilitate interconnection of IP solutions.

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