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We deliver end-to-end telecommunications solutions so our clients can focus on their business.



Philosophy & Vision





Detailed Planning

With the judicious selection of the optimal technology mix, we set down a detailed plan. Nothing is left to chance, and project success becomes much more predictable. Our client has complete visibility into the process at every step of the way. No surprises, and no disappointments.

How We Think

We know from decades of experience in this field, complex and powerful technology must be managed like a set of sharp knives. With the proper training and application of skill sets, we and our clients together deliver the right solution at the right time.

Our Guarantee

It takes experience to be able to predict success reliably. From dozens of big projects and hundreds of smaller ones, we know how long each leg of the journey to success takes. With our detailed planning and mindful execution, we know how to over-deliver on our commitments. Care, attention to detail and mindful execution are the key elements.

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Our team

President & CEO

There's no such thing as an ex-Marine.


Leadership of execution, product & service delivery, and business development.

Vice President Product/Solutions Management

Driving innovation and streamlining operations across the product development lifecycle.

Project Manager/Provisioning SME

Every challenge is an opportunity in disguise.

Web Technologist

Think of the Internet as a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.


Buth Connections
Hyde Northwest
Scanlan and Associates

About Us

We evaluate, plan, deploy and support global networking solutions. We take the guesswork out of it, manage the project from end to end, so our client can focus on their business, not on the wiring.

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